Serwis Body and Paint Service

Profesjonalne blacharstwo i lakiernictwo w Warszawie

We specialize in bodywork repairs of all car (makes too?) models while maintaining the manufacturers’ repair technologies. We service car fleets and individual customers.

Our body shop and paint shop along with its equipment, access to service information and our specialists ensure that post-accident car repairs are carried out in accordance with the manufacturers’ requirements.

We guarantee the quality and safety of the performed services.

In post-accident repairs it is important to restore the original appearance and technical characteristics of the car, its color, comfort, shape as well as active and passive safety along with its central structural dimensions of the body. For the construction of modern car bodies, in particular their supporting structure, elements and profiles made of high-pressed, high pressure and boron plates are used. Welding of these elements requires new generation equipment with high operating currents (up to 13 kA), which are available at our company.

We offer:

  • Liquidation of motor damage (post-accident)
  • Car paint repairs of all brands
  • Very modern equipment – painting booths and service devices
  • Valuation of damage without the expert participation
  • Non-cash settlement of repairs

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