Loan and Leasing

Kia Finance Program

Information about the financial program

Since June 2014, KIA MOTORS POLSKA started with BNP Paribas Bank Polska SA. Thanks to this cooperation, you will be able to buy a car on very attractive terms. In addition, you can take an advantage of the competitive car loans and leasing offers. 

Advantages of the Kia Finance Program:

  • It is characterized by the highest quality and many years of experience in the field of financing the purchase of new vehicles as well as modern car offers,
  • Meets your needs by offering products tailored to your requirements
  • Thanks to attractive insurance packages and the latest technology used in cars, Kia cares about the safety for you and your relatives,
  • Because we want Kia to be your next car.

Leasing in the Kia Finance Program

  • For Entrepreneurs
  • Attractive Sum of Fees
  • Optional Financing Period (24 – 60 months)
  • Initial Payment from 0 PLN to 40% of the Vehicle Value, and repurchase up to 30%
  • Fast Leasing Decision

If you want to learn more about funding in the KIA FINANCE program, please contact our sales department.